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The Crown | Say your Final(s) Goodbyes to the Semester!
Finals week has arrived, and another great school year has ended. For those in school the most stressful time of the semester has arrived. Finals Week. Instead of Cram- studying, and pulling all nighters I have provided 10 useful study tips to help you succeed and say your final goodbyes until the next school year!

1.) Utilize your resources. 

At The Crown we have a computer lab that can be accessed during buisness hours. With some down time in between classes, stop by to hit the books or use our free printing that is offered to help print off final papers that you may have!

2.) Eat snacks and drink plenty of fluids.

In order to succeed your brain needs power! Make sure to eat and stay hydrated during this stressful week! Grab some snacks from your local grocery store,or Bowling Greens Farmers Market. 

3.) Take Breaks

Studies show that if you try to comprehend a lot of information at one time your brain is more likely to not remember what is needed! Study for a while and reward yourself by having 10-15 minute breaks throughout your study session! 

4.) Ask for help

Many are afraid to ask for help from your professor. By striving for an A make sure to ask for help when it is needed. By having a professor go over these missed things you are more likely to remember them and pass your exam with flying colors. 

5.)Stay organized!
With 5 different finals in one week you may feel overwhelmed. Make sure that during this long, dreadful week one stays on task and stays organized! Plan what you need to do on what day to ensure you're getting the maximum amount of study time needed for your final exam!

6.)Hand write your notes!
By hand writing your notes your brain has to comprehend what is being written causing a greater chance that it will be remembered. Instead of using your laptop or phone to take notes on, you are less likely to get distracted. 

7.) Put your phone away!
To ensure you are focusing on what is needed make sure you put away your phone. By focusing on your material, and not on social media you can cover more information and comprehend what is needed. 

8.)Turn your notes into flash cards.
After you take hand written notes place them on flash cards. They are easy to take on the go and they will help ensure you pass what is needed!

9.) Get enough Sleep
By maintaining a good sleep schedule you will get enough sleep to preform on a great amount of brain power. Instead of pulling all nighters, get 8 hours of sleep to prepare for your big exam.

10.) You got this!
The week before finals write your self positive notes. Each day open one and read it. Keep true to yourself, the struggle is only temporary!